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The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) is seeking an end to the sadness and horror inflicted upon Animals unable to speak for themselves and whom have been afforded a lack of respect, dignity, sensitivity and certainly compassion by an indifferent ilk of society, both in elected positions whom have betrayed the trust of stewardship inherent in government to the senseless ilk whom kill for fun, sport, trophies, to the careless and inept person whom kill in mindless fashion at an abattoir or at a pound whom kill surplus Pets and the many whom contribute to the horror stories we continue to hear, even in this so-called enlightened times.  The following pictures speak volumes, as it is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  We welcome your horror pictures that we will gladly add to our growing list of senseless acts of cruelty which display in graphic fashion why our leaders must finally display courageous, compassionate leadership:



SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty)


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Man is capable of inflicting pain, suffering & death upon man, sometimes under the guise of ‘religion’, like ‘ethnic cleansing’; sometimes ‘political’, like ‘apartheid’; sometimes ‘racially motivated’ but what might Animals unable to speak for themselves endure?  In the absence of ‘legislation and regulations’, we are at the mercy of ideology, indifference, ignorance of individuals in power to make decisions, such as we witness ‘Factory Farming methods’, ‘puppy & kitten mills’, ‘Animals raised for Food are neglected & starved’ and these are examples in our so-called ‘civilized nations’.   In Bucarest, Romania, man decided a good ‘population control’ was the mass killing of DOGS in merciless fashion, right upon the street of the City and other atrocities upon these helpless Animals.  For more details

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Man in his quest to “make money at any cost” has sometimes lost his way and moral compass, not the least of which approaches lack ethics when dealing with Animals raised for Food.  In Great Britian we witness the emergence of The Freedom Food Program, in Canada we see recent steps by Winnipeg Humane Society & BC SPCA to undertake initiatives and we find a lot of effort has been put into “voluntary” CODES OF PRACTICE for many Animal species and Transportation but, not being ‘regulations’ they pale in comparison to needs.  Provincial Legislation excludes “normal farm management practices” and thus, we find the norm being continuance of “inhumane Factory Farming methods & practices”.  To impress upon Consumers the various atrocities that exist and are condoned and unwittingly perpetuated by Consumers buying the end product, we sadly add examples below of these inhumane practices that hopefully will impress upon Consumers the need to demand change in the way their favourite Food Store, Supermarket, Fast Food & Restaurants, Pet Store & Drug Store do business.  We refer viewers to our section WHOLESOME & HUMANE PROGRAM for the “Consumer solution”:

Pictures courtesy Compassion in World Farming and FARM SANCTUARY

Brief description of various “Factory Farming”, Livestock Transport, Abattoir practices, as contained in the aforementioned pictures.  It may be one thing for people to eat Animals raised for Food but it quite another to know these Animals were treated inhumanely and suffered immense pain and suffering, in part, by ‘greedy and self-serving make a profit at any cost people’ whom rationalize, perpetuate and condone, such as Government, these inhumane Factory Farming methods, so, Consumers should buy where they know the food they purchase is safe and that Animals raised for Food were done so in humane ways.

MALE CHICKS DIE IN HORRIFIC WAYS – unwanted male chicks struggle to survive amid egg shells and garbage in a dumpster behind a hatchery for laying hens.  What does your favorite Food Store “supplier” do with their unwanted male chicks?

A VIEW AT BIRTH – at a hatchery, chicks enter this world inside drawers of huge incubators.

BATTERY HEN CAGES – four or five egg laying hens are typically packed into wire battery cages which are the size of a folded newspaper.  They cannot even stretch their wings.  “Free Range” is the natural way, where normal instincts of foraging and exercise can be done, but alternative “Free Run” is acceptable.

MILKING MACHINES – two or three times every day, dairy cows are hooked up to milk machines.  They are commonly pushed to produce ten times more milk than is normal.

VEAL CRATES – veal calves are often chained by the neck in small wooden crates where they are unable to walk or stretch their limbs.  Confined in crates just two foot wide.

PIG FARROWING CRATES/GESTATION CRATES – Pregnant Pigs are confined in “farrowing crates” just before giving birth.  They remain here for a few weeks until their babies are weened and then they are transferred to similarly restrictive “gestation crates” where they spend most of their lives – unable to even turn around.  The Pigs “breeding sows” basic needs are denied and they experience severe physical and psychological disorders.

SHEEP DEAD PILES – Sheep who die during transit are thrown on deadpiles like the one described in above picture.  The Sheep at the far right was still alive and was rescued by Farm Sanctuary.

LIVESTOCK TRANSPORT – Chickens are crowded on the back of trucks to be taken to slaughter; chickens raised for meat are crowded by the thousands into factory farm warehouses; chickens are routinely and harshly thrown into cages often injuring wings or limbs in the process.  Cattle often “stick to sides of unlined trucks in winter”

DOWNERS – Death losses during transport are too high, amounting into millions of dollars per year but it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out why we load as many, for example, Hogs, as we do – it’s cheaper!  Examples describe a ‘downed cow left to suffer and die as her frightened calf looks on’; another downed cow has a broken neck that was broken when she was forcibly separated from her calf; a downed cow is left to die in a stock yards parking lot; another downed cow is left to suffer after being dragged off a truck by a rope tied around her neck and she was unloaded when the truck drove off; a disemboweled calf is left to suffer, workers refused to humanely euthanize him; only a few hours old, a downed calf is left for dead, still wet from birth, in this example, it was so cold temperature could not be read on a thermometer.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE – hung upside down by shackles, thousands of chickens and similar numbers of turkeys are killed every hour; cows are hung upside down, their throats are slit and they are bled to death.  In one example, with the smell of blood in the air and cows bleeding to death within sight, a terrified cow waits in the “knocking box” just prior to being stunned and slaughtered.  Remember, Animals are sentient-beings and capable of fearing and feeling pain, they are not merely “property”, thus, this is one reason why we and others have proposed change to the Criminal Code removing from being property, recognizing as a sentient-being and imposing severe penalties for cruelty but “Opposition Parties” have in misguided fashion blocked passing of Bill C-15, such shame!


What happens if a Pet is lost, surrendered to a Shelter (not a no-kill shelter), euthanized by a Veterinarian –do you know?  Do you know, if not cremated or you personally attend to the funeral, what happens to your Pet?  Does it end up in the garbage or at a landfill?  FIND OUT?

  • Does your Municipality have a crematorium/incinerator to dispose of deceased Animals?
  • Does your Municipality have a “pet Cemetery” section devoted to deceased Animals?
  • Does your Municipality just callously dump Animals in a landfill and plow over, with the rest of the garbage?

“As a Society we must not permit our Companion Animals or Animals generally, to be treated without respect nor be afforded dignity in their death, thus, where a Municipal Council has been remiss to establish proper and respectful burial sites, it is time to do so!  Get involved, ask questions and demand attention now!  The Animals cannot speak for themselves so society, you, need to speak for them.

Companion Animal Guardians whom cannot look after their Companion Animal should ‘surrender it to a Humane Society’, never, we repeat never, surrender to a Veterinarian to have it killed.  You owe it to your loyal Companion Animal to find it a good home regardless of your circumstances.

Companion Animal Guardians whom in consultation with your Veterinarian come to the unfortunate conclusion your Companion Animal is unable to be saved and the decision is to euthanize, please, extend the compassion to your Companion Animal to be with it at the end, hold it, comfort it and accept the pain and suffering you will feel at your loss by knowing you were loyal and comforting to the end just as your Companion Animal was to you all through its life.



Companion Animal Guardians whom purchase a Dog then put a chain around its neck and leave it tethered for most of the rest of its life and in doing so claim to “love animals” are perpetuating a cruel hoax and thus, should be prohibited from owning a Dog.  Please refer to “OUR POSITION ON ISSUES” section 16. “Basic Care & Handling Bylaw”for further details.  EVERY MUNICIPALITY NEEDS TO ADOPT THIS ‘BASIC BYLAW’ TO ENSURE ANIMALS ARE TREATED PROPERLY.  As well, refer to the ANIMAL ADVOCATE SOCIETY WEB.SITE for more details about “tied-dogs”.  Irresponsible tethering can cause immense harm to the Dog (Refer to picture example enclosed).



Some of the most offensive and indifferent people in society stoop so low that they breed Animals for sale but do so in such terrible conditions and inhumane manner, they deserve to be caught, incarcerated and taken out of society as the disgrace they are, to never be permitted to own Animals again.

There are many unfortunate situations that arise at a Breeders, notably the “Puppy & Kitten Mills”, for example W-5 just did an excellent expose on CTV Friday October 18, 2002 on “Puppy Mills”.  Numerous web.sites, including ours presents dialogue and pictures decrying such outlandish and terrible conditions found, such as at PET PALS INC.; COLUMBUS DOG CONNECTION; NO PUPPY MILLS CANADA; VOICE OF THE VOICELESS; but some of the common conditions include but are not limited to crowded living conditions in enclosures containing several Dogs or Cats, wire cages stacked wherein feces and urine can drop to Animals below, where Animals claws have grown so long they curl around, very matted fur, sores and infections, inadequate or no food or water provided just about anything that a normal sane breeder or Companion Animal Guardian would do without question but not the unscrupulous Breeder, whether “Backyard” or the “Puppy or Kitten Mill”.

Unfortunately, you, those whom buy these ‘puppy & kitten mill’ Companion Animals exacerbate the problem, you buy an Animal with no regard whom the Breeder was, how the Animal was bred or looked after, what conditions exist and to rub salt in the wound, you often pay a high price, sometimes for a Purebred Animal but so long as you pay the price, some Backyard Breeders and irresponsible Breeders, many indiscriminate Breeders & “Puppy & Kitten Mills” will continue to abuse breeding Animals and some venues, like Pet Stores, Backyard Breeders, Purebred Breeders, Flex markets, Shows and such will continue to sell products, some from any source and some to make money ‘at any cost’.  YOU MUST HELP END THE CYCLE OF ABUSE BY STOPPING THE PURCHASE OF ANIMALS AT PET STORES AND ELSEWHERE, WHERE YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY VISITED THE BREEDERS LOCATION OR HAVE PROOF THAT BREEDING MEETS ACCEPTABLE COMMUNITY STANDARDS.  YOU WOULD BE BETTER SERVED TO OBTAIN A COMPANION ANIMAL FROM YOUR LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY, SPCA SHELTER OR VERIFIED REPUTABLE BREEDER (Refer to our section  “YOUR DIRECT ACTION” titled “BREEDERS”, and “OUR POSITION ON ISSUES” section 9. and 10., for details).

Following are some examples of mistreated Animals:

Pictures courtesy of PET PALS INC.


Pictures courtesy of Animal Friends Croatia (Prijatelji zivotinja) and

We recently read some 20,000 seals above established quotas were unceremoniously killed and the DFO didn’t even ‘blink an eye’ merely changed the quota, a symbolic step we have come to expect by ineptness and indifference expressed by Government, in part, showing ‘true colors’ in this instance vast “pools of red blood upon ice flows” and favoring Industry.  While most people of the World and certainly North Americans and Canadians feel this cruel spirited, primitive and unnecessary killing is repugnant our Government displays complete uncaring, just more examples of our growing shame at the hand of moribund leaders.


Pictures courtesy of SHARK,

Steer Wrestling pictures depict the rodeo contestant jumps from his horse onto the head and neck of the running steer.  He twists the steers head around until the victim falls to the ground.  Broken necks are often the result although many other injuries may also occur.

Calf Roping pictures depict the violent contortion of the calf’s back during roping that may result in injury or death.  The calf is roped so violently she becomes airborne before slamming into the ground, which can break a calf’s neck, back or legs.  The contestant picks up the calf, slams her body knocking the wind our of her so he can tie her legs.  The calf, eyes bulging in terror, gasps for air, if she can breathe, she cries pitifully, as you might expect any terrified baby to do

Picture the atmosphere created, the macho 200 lb+ cowboy climbs upon his magnificent steed, twirls his lariat above his head, the crowd roars and the excitement reaches its peak as “the scared little baby calf is released and runs for protection, only to be suddenly stopped in its tracks, its head snaps back as the lariat goes taut and the massive hulk of the cowboy lands upon him and wrestles him to the ground, tying his legs in record time” but suddenly the crowd is silent as it realizes this is not entertainment but merely abusive inhumane treatment of a defenseless little baby calf.

Adding more examples to Calf Roping & Steer Wrestling of equally repugnant acts of perceived cruelty under the guise of ‘entertainment’ include Wild Horse Racing, Wild Cow Milking & Chuckwagon/Chariot Racing.  Refer to “Our Position on Issues” point 23.  The Rodeo Industry tries vainly to justify perpetrating this so-called ‘cash cow’ by rationalizing how well Animals are treated but this flies in the face of reality, “it is their treatment at a Rodeo we are addressing” but such shallow words are falling on more and more ‘deaf ears’ and in time, perpetuating such callous and cruel animal treatment will become an albatross around the neck of Rodeo operators and failure to realize and take voluntary steps to end these abuses may well mean the end of a Rodeo whereas, in similar fashion as many Circus’s whom ended Exotic and Wild Animal abuses are enjoying increased audience appreciation and attendance.

Under pressure, some Rodeo officials agree to end such offensive acts as, “ear-biting” in Wild Horse Racing or “nose gouging” in the Wild Cow milking events; cinching  harnesses so tight as to cause pain, “burrs” under saddles and other incidents.  As well, participants, Professional or Amateur must be governed by the same rules & standards, preferably restricting participation to Professional but liabilities must be the same.  Refer to for a series of short videos on rodeo events or several other subjects, such as rodeo cruelty injuries at or

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