The Elder Citizen Action Coalition

“A Dream, A Vision, Leaders Leading & Listening to Elders”


The District of Maple-Ridge is being used as the template to follow for a scaled down version of their impressive facility, to be established at the District of Mission, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

– “Maple-Ridge Housing is built above the Seniors Activity Centre, as a fund raising project to pay for the building of the Activity Centre”

In the early days Maple-Ridge had a small unacceptable site to conduct various Seniors activities.  Working with a dedicated bunch of Elder’s and a welcoming and enlightened Municipal Council, the dream, the vision and the objective to realize an impressive Seniors Activity Centre commenced to fruition.

It took dedication, commitment & working together by Elder’s working in-concert & to overcome all obstacles, to realize the impressive Activity Centre & Housing complex that exists today.

Maple Ridge Seniors Activity Centre
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Coquitlam Seniors Activity Centre

West Vancouver Seniors Activity Centre

Pitt Meadows Seniors’ Activity Centre

It took planning, talking, fund raising and an innovative approach to sell high-rise units to fund the ground level Seniors Activity Centre but the main point, “All people involved cared”.

  • The first challenge at Mission is to create an awareness & empathy of Elder’s needs, a forum to listen, a “political will” to be pro-active and a champion of Elder’s.  The goal is for District Council to listen, to cooperate & work with Elder’s
  • Elder’s have been neglected at Mission, whether by indifference, oversight or any other reason, each is unacceptable for a Municipality of approximately 35,000, of which 22,000 are eligible voters.  Elder’s in the 50+ years account for 10,000 voters.  With population plans to double in size over the next 10 years or so, provision of a state-of-the art Seniors Activity Centre is overdue.
  • Short-term is to designate the Community Activity Centre as a “Seniors Activity Centre”, 7 days per week, 24 hours daily, to permit the governance committee to schedule events, as required; to assume current “operating budgets” as a temporary “Fee for service”.
  • Long-term is to establish a Seniors Activity Centre on adjacent 2 acres of District owned land, erect a below & above ground parking facility;  establish a high-rise (height to be determined) Seniors housing complex; establish a 20,000 sq. ft. ground level Seniors Activity Centre & determine if to include the existing facility as a part of the complex or conversely, assign to another Community entity


“An Activity Centre brings Elder’s together 7 days a week”

“An End to Loneliness”


Companionship, to belong, to meet & socialize, make new friends.

Amenities are endless, to meet all lifestyles, include but not limited to

  • Card Games, Crib, Chess
  • Entertainment room to watch TV, listen to tapes
  • Pool room, Billiards
  • Dart Tournaments
  • Bingo
  • Dancing of all types, line dancing & lessons
  • Carpet Bowling
  • Arts & Crafts workshops & Art Gallery
  • Woodworking & Hobby Shop
  • Wellness Clinic & Exercise for Elder’s
  • Computer classes
  • Library
  • Resource Centre for Elders
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Ballroom & Convention Centre
  • Bar-B-Q & seating area; Horse Shoe Pitch, Lawn Bowling, Bocca
  • To establish a Bus Transportation stop at the “Centre”

Mission Seniors’ Activity Centre

“UNITY IN CHALLENGING TIMES” – This is the rallying call to ALL Seniors’, to focus attention and support into one action-oriented and performance-driven entity, for our purposes at the City of Mission, notably the Seniors’ Centre Association.  This is a duly constituted non-profit association, and amalgam of numerous important individual associations, who, while retaining their own self-identity, such as OAPO and others, there must be an important recognition and effort to step aside momentarily and dedicate total support and encourage your members toward joining and embracing an “umbrella organization for all”, notably the Seniors’ Centre Association.  This body has a mandate to secure and operate a Seniors’ Activity Centre.

 While many “Seniors groups” will seek to join and support this venture, it is recognized some, possibly “private” operated, some health related, such as long-term care services or others similar in complexity and purpose, will pursue and retain their own self-interest and not all become active members of the Seniors’ Centre Association.  Thus, the Seniors’ Centre Association must diligently seek pro-active, competent leadership, pursue major membership campaigns to establish and maintain a sustainable membership base, maintain a strong public relations focus to keep members and Citizens’ alike fully emboldened and informed and pro-actively representing the needs and goals of Seniors’ to subsequently fold all such ventures and advocacy into the auspices available in a central new facility, notably a self-standing and self-governed Seniors’ Activity Centre.  In this vein, since 2005 or earlier, the notion of a combined Seniors’ Activty Centre with Seniors’ low-cost housing units above and/or combination of housing, such as may be found at Maple Ridge Seniors’ Centre or more aptly Pitt Meadows Seniors’ Center, but elsewhere, so this impressive objective and goal is reaching fruition at the City of Mission.

SENIORS’ ACTIVITY CENTRE ANNOUNCED – Following over two decades of advocating by Seniors’ the District of Mission has agreed to fund a Senior’s Activity Centre consisting of 11,000 sq. ft. of ‘activity’ space.  The exact details of dedicated space and “activities” will follow later once all arrangements are finalized.  The new facility will be located at 7682 Grand Street, Mission, on north/west corner of the District owned Leisure Centre property, with Seniors’ Activity Centre parking at front and housing parking to north/east encompassing the old skateboard park location.  The District of Mission will donate land, contribute approx. $4.0 million building funds and be responsible for operating costs of the Seniors’ Activity Centre.  The fee-for-service or other form of budget will be provided later, as established. 

The Estate of the late Marilyn Boswick kindly bequeathed $1 million dollars to Seniors’ with .5 million for building costs and .5 million to be invested and interest from investment to be used for operating costs.

AFFORDABLE SENIORS’ HOUSING – In addition the Mission Association for Seniors’ Housing (MASH) in conjunction with funderBC Housing contributing $7.4 million and subsidizing “operating costs” and District of Mission, contributing land,  to develop 74 affordable housing units for Seniors’ above the ground floor Seniors’ Activity Centre. 20% of units will be for “low income” seniors’ but in our opinion this aspect needs to be revisited with careful concerns to increasing available units to meet community needs, a to be determined actual need, thus may warrant more units being available to low income seniors’?  For more details on the housing component view the MASH or obtain information at

ACTIVITIES & AMENITIES – While actual activities and amenities are not available, at this time, we will publish later as received.  However, Seniors’ may view our SEGMENT “ELDER CITIZENS ACTION COALITION”, to view a list of proposed “Activities” and similarly view pictures of several established “Seniors’ Activity Centres” in BC that will afford an idea of what may be forthcoming at Mission, as the development progresses toward completion.

MEMBERSHIP – A major function thus far neglected is for all interested Seniors’ to join the Mission Seniors’ Centre Association, to reflect the degree of Seniors’ support and thus create a needed “sustainable membership”.  So, tell your colleagues to get actively involved, join at the earliest opportunity, and vote to establish a pro-active and diligent Board of Directors who will competently represent the needs of Seniors’ to operate this new facility so generously provided by Citizens of City of Mission and as approved by the Mayor & Council in office.



The “Silver Tsunami”, “Zoomer or Boomer”, or by any other name, the movement is sweeping over the shores of the Fraser and is now spreading across The District of Mission, touching everyone, Elder’s heeding the rallying call, “Unity in Challenging Times” – one united voice.

image001Local Leaders of this phenomenon are dedicated community “Elder’s”, committed to caring, insight, compassion, empathy & knowledge to pro-actively pursue securing Elder’s needs.  Some local “Cheerleaders” include;

George F. Evens, Chief Cheerleader




Organization Profile

The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC) is a private owned & operated, apolitical, non-profit and non-denominational advocacy group. We seek to represent the interests & values of ALL Seniors’ but most notably “those who share our values & goals can trust in our active representation and in turn, we welcome your involvement & “VOTE” for endorsed proposals & Candidates for Office.

At the leading-edge of pro-active advocacy to each level of Government, riding the forefront of the international “Silver Tsunami” ECAC diligently strive to improve the lives of Seniors’, demand “Respect for Seniors’” & create an environment of “Unity in Challenging Times”.

ECAC will collaborate & liaise with other Seniors’ organizations toward seeking deserved improvements to Seniors’ lives. ECAC have joined theCouncil of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of B.C. (COSCO) & BC Centre for Elder Advocacy Support, with a focus upon Elder abuse. An objective to be a “Champion of Seniors’ causes, needs & issues”.

ECAC is committed to an aggressive advocacy, enhance ability to communicate nationally and spawn an urgent response network; to attend certain “Conferences” & impart knowledge widely; to sponsor “News To You Newsletter” & “Elder Citizen Round Table” discussion group, thus occasionally convey controversial issues, the focus to “represent public interests, public opinion, convey responsible communication of all matters of public interest, desiring to always place ideas & issues on the table & stimulate thought & inspire principled leadership”.

ECAC will pursue a “political agenda” recognizing change is created by Government; we seek to create an environment that stimulates increased Community spirit, an inclusive community free of partisan politics and a recognition “Communities need vastly increased numbers of ‘Active Citizens’” with a desire to ‘make a difference’. Thus, we embrace the COSCO adage, “work & plan with Seniors’, not for them”


“To actively seek Elder’s needs from each level of Government”

  • At the District of Mission
  • Establish an “Elder Citizens’s Activity Centre & Centre Governance
  • co-ordination of Community Elder’s Groups
  • to liaise with non-Elder Community Groups
  • embrace Transportation needs of Elder’s
  • seek Affordable Housing as part of the Seniors Activity Centre & Housing Complex
  • embrace Health & Exercise efforts; lobby Government to restore MMH Professional Services, Maternity, Operating Rooms
  • Lobby to decrease Property Taxes for Seniors
  • Commence an active Media Campaign advocating Elder’s needs, pin-point lack of cooperation
  • Provide a strong, united, unrelenting Voice for Elder’s; a Political Advocacy & Activism for Elder’s needs.
  • Elder’s Health & Exercise – Elder’s need exercise activities designed to meet their physical & mental stature.  We recommend establishing an exercise park, such as at Mill lake, Abbotsford



Mill Lake Seniors Exercise Park



  • Federally & Provincially
  • To liaise with other organizations and seek to augment their efforts, so as to benefit Elder’s
  • To assist in the creation of “Age Friendly Communities”
  • Fight unjust representation of Elder’s, such as imposition of taxes, such as HST; vigorously entertain recall of MLA’S who fail to represent Constituents
  • Seek restoration and increase of Gaming Funds to Elder’s organizations
  • Lobby to improve Elder’s Pension benefits, Income Tax deductions


“Create an environment that stimulates increased Community spirit & involvement”


  • “Communities need vastly increased numbers of “active citizens” – difficult problems need people motivated by an interest in public issues, a desire to make a difference, involvement beyond their own private lives.  Interested – Join us
  • Reading Reference – “The Troublemaker’s Tea Party”, by Charles Dobson, buy at


“Build it and they will come”