Conditions & Policies



001. The North American Wholesome & Humane Program  is the sole owner and operator of the name and program called the North American Wholesome & Humane Program , normally doing business as the Wholesome & Humane Program , and as such, is recognized and accepted as the only authority that will:

01. Approve content of the program that will thereafter comprise an authorized part of the program.

I). Once the parties agree to program content or an adapted program content, which may see delayed effective dates, excluded clauses or certain amended terminology, from the original document, it is understood and agreed that such agreed clauses shall constitute the approved program for such designated accredited Company and as such, no further additions, amendments or new clauses pertaining to Conditions, Polices or Standards shall be entered into without mutual agreement, by the parties, to do so.

II).  with the further understanding and agreement the Program may, at their discretion:

a). add, amend, delete clauses to the “master program”, for introduction to other participants

b). upon serving duly agreed notice, upon existing accredited Companies, to commence negotiation concerning proposed text or new clauses.

02.  Approve candidate selection, approval of participants and award “accreditation” to compliant participants within the program

03.  Approve the right to revoke participation, of any or all participants, from the program, whether an accredited Company or one of their “Suppliers” who violate any terms of agreement that constituted their being accredited and where they subsequently fail to meet and consistently maintain a position in good standing, including payment of any fees, thus rendering their accreditation null and void

04. Be accountable for preserving, as paramount, the integrity and credibility of the program, being acceptable to the spirit and intent of the program and as described and characterized by clauses comprising the program, that the overall program is indeed paramount to individual participants.

05. Be the sole arbitrator in any “unresolved” dispute arising, for any cause, and from any participant of the program and/or as a result of a complaint lodged concerning any participant of the program, for any cause, real or imaginary, by a member of the program, a Supplier, Consumer or other interested party:

I). An accredited participant Company shall have the first right to resolve all “complaints” that may arise, for any cause and seek to resolve in an amicable manner, as stated within the signed Agreement.  However, if all efforts fail, within a ninety day (90) period from date of complaint, then the Wholesome & Humane Program  shall be deemed to be the sole Arbitrator to resolve the issue, with such decision binding upon all parties.

II). An accredited Company may elect to establish an Arbitration process between themselves and any accredited Supplier to resolve disputes concerning matters entered into by the parties.

a). An accredited Company may elect to establish an accreditation fee schedule for a supplier whom is compliant but such fees shall not exceed amounts established by the Wholesome & Humane Program and in such instances the approved fee schedule is to be filed with the Wholesome & Humane Program .

III). The Program and an accredited Company may elect to proceed to an arbitration process, if a dispute between the parties is unresolved, by each party appointing a “designate” to represent interests, with the two designated appointees agreeing upon an independent Chair, with such costs borne equally, by the parties for their respective designate and equally for the Chair, with the decision of the panel binding upon all parties.  NOTE: The sole purpose of the arbitration panel is to determine which party is right according to the basis of claim pertaining only to agreed clauses and agreement entered into by the parties and in no manner may any financial penalty be applied against either party.

06. Solicit, welcome and take under consideration any valid and pro-active recommendations from any recognized Animal Advocate/Welfare/Rights Organization that may improve the program content and more satisfactorily meet desirable standards pertaining to Program Objectives and Goals, specifically dealing with improvement of Animal Rights and Welfare.

07.  The Managing Director and/or Regional Director/Director Media Relations are the only persons authorized to issue any “media release” pertaining to the program with the exception an authorized representative of a participating company may make such announcements deemed appropriate pertaining to such companies participation in the program and any conditions agreed to or purposely excluded pertaining solely to such company.

08. The Wholesome & Humane Program  embraces only The North American Wholesome & Humane Program  owner/administration role, Company participants and the Consumer.  The Wholesome & Humane Program  is initially a self-administered plan, by participating companies, whom shall have the right to assess “suppliers” and issue “accreditation” to such “supplier”, as they deem worthy and shall have the right to revoke any of their “suppliers” from participation in the Program, for any just cause, as aforementioned and stated under the rights of The Wholesome & Humane Program , with the understanding the rights and privilege of The Wholesome & Humane Program  supersede such rights of any participating company or their supplier.  It is also understood and agreed, that participating Companies assume accountability and liability for any Supplier they warrant to participate within the Wholesome & Humane Program  and thus are accountable to indemnify themselves to save harmless from any actions that may be entertained or performed by a supplier.

I). An accredited Company may enter into an agreement with a Supplier to implement a clause or clauses immediately or at a future to be determined date, with the understanding and agreement

a). no clause may be excluded from the program and/or adapted program, agreed to by the Program and the Company, without prior approval by the North American Wholesome & Humane Program .

b). proposed effective dates, particularly any proposed effective date beyond the effective date of accreditation, of such Supplier, must be registered and approved by the North American Wholesome & Humane Program , in order to retain a semblance of order between other program participants and ensure the integrity of the program remains intact.

09. At such time as an impartial “Humane Organization”  or similarly constituted organization may seek to establish a Freedom Food Program and/or agrees to accept the role to assess and enforce compliance with conditions and such, and subject to, at that time, an agreement by interested parties, we may or may not seek association or incorporation with a Freedom Food Program of Canada.

10.  All meetings convened for the purpose of discussing aspects of the Wholesome & Humane Program  will be held at mutually convenient times and locations within the Greater Vancouver area.

1. In the event a Company wishes to convene a meeting at any other locale in Canada or elsewhere, they will agree to accept all costs for such venue, including but not limited to return air travel, accommodation, food, return ground transportation from airport to meeting destination, plus any incidental out-of-pocket expenses for Representatives from The North American Wholesome & Humane Program  to attend.

002. To convene an “Advisory Board” from time to time or permanent duration, as deemed appropriate and needed, to assess any need for amendment to the program to make it more meaningful and productive, to assess progress and otherwise improve conditions.  As well, to solicit the understanding and support of an “individual” or “individuals” who is/are recognized as an “authority” to act in a Consultative manner to participating Companies by responding to questions that may be beyond the expertise of a member of The Wholesome & Humane Program in a particular “specialized” area, for clarification purposes but in doing so, such advise is understood to be given on that particular subject and as such may not be the position of The Wholesome & Humane Program  and is accepted as such.

003. The Company selected as a participant of The Wholesome & Humane Program  agrees to abide by the stated concept, principles, spirit and intent, as at the date of signing an agreement and as may be amended from time to time thereafter, as well, to the “Conditions, Objectives, Goals, Policies, Standards, Policies & Procedures”, published this date and included within the addendum of this document and as may be amended from time to time, with the understanding certain “conditions or clauses” may be mutually agreed to exclude permanently and/or be implemented at a later mutually agreed date, as agreed at the outset of signing this agreement, an agreement to participate within the program and/or mutually agreed to adopt, at a later date, so as to permit certain operational conditions to be met.  For example, to serve notice upon a “supplier” that a particular type of product will no longer be purchased beyond a certain date and to allow such supplier time to make operational adjustments, if continued supply of such product, by said supplier, is to continue but to do so by meeting new standards (ie; free-range or free-run eggs versus previously supplied battery-hen cage laid eggs).

004. It is agreed and understood that participating Companies will:

01. assume full responsibility and liability for any costs incurred, from any source, related to participation in the Wholesome & Humane Program , including but not limited to complete Legal costs, Fees for Service, Legal costs and filing fees as may be required to meet legal requirements, Marketing, Promotion and Advertising, Administration Fees and so forth.

02. upon approval from The Wholesome & Humane Program ) seek to produce and display the approved “MEMBER logo” designating a Company, their Supplier or Product carried as participating within the “approved” Wholesome & Humane Program .

03. absolve The North American Wholesome & Humane Program, The North American Council of Advocates for Creatures Land Air Water (CLAW) its Directors, Members or Supporters free from ALL accountability or liability, from any source, and shall hold harmless jointly or severally from this day forward.

005. “To our knowledge, other than the Freedom Food Program Ltd. in Gt. Britain, the Wholesome and Humane Program  is the only one of its kind in North America.  Any Company willingly agreeable to participate and support such a pro-active program of Animal and Consumer protections is at the “leading edge” of providing Consumers with product that is “wholesome” and “humanely” produced and cared for, including as well, precautions on behalf of Consumers to ensure they are protected from undue use of drugs in the production of food, similarly to be made aware of products that are either genetically altered or in some manner liable to be less than wholesome due to chemical use, irradiated or such and thus such Company is deserving of Consumer confidence.  Further, it is a breakthrough, as we understand history, for an Animal Advocacy/Rights Organization to work in concert with, in this example, astute Companies and Consumers must find in favor of such an effective and caring relationship.

01. By understanding the motives, objectives, goals and agreeing to recognize and abide by The North American Wholesome & Humane Program being the sole owner/operator of the “program” participating Companies and others will enjoy the impartial relationship and free from all conflict-of-interest this relationship affords.  This arms-length relationship guarantees that Animal Welfare/Rights will be paramount and such program policies and standards are not unduly influenced by any Industry involved in a profit motive.



In keeping with the spirit and intent of the Wholesome & Humane Program  we the “Participants” agree by and adopt as our Company philosophy the following statements of policy, unless agreed otherwise.  It is our sincere desire to approach our business endeavors from an ethical, moral and compassionate perspective, one that affords all Animals equal rights based upon the foundation of operations stated in the Five Freedoms and in observance of the five acceptable operational practices that will see as paramount conditions, that each Animal is afforded respect, dignity, and their lives given some meaning, to accept the fact that animals are sentient beings capable of feeling pain and suffering, therefore, this establishes the foundation of care and overall approach to dealings with Animals.  We further accept the philosophy that profit generation can be achieved and a Company can do well, as good corporate citizens, by doing what is perceived good and the right thing to do.


001. To adopt the policy that our Company will not use Wild or Exotic Animals, whether wild-caught or captive-bred in any form pertaining to the promotion of products for sale.

002. To ensure that no message is conveyed that may give any offensive connotations, insensitive or uninformed perspectives concerning some aspect of any Animals life, whether domesticated, wild or exotic.

003. By accepting and publishing this policy, it is recognized that Animals are not placed upon Earth as tools for mankind to use at their convenience or pleasure, that while society accepts some animals as being bred and raised for consumption by mankind, this does not in any manner mean they should be treated in any inhumane manner.  Further, it is recognized that wild or exotic animals, by nature of having evolved for centuries in a completely different set of circumstances, have inherent psychological & physiological needs that cannot possibly be met in a captive situation.


001. To provide such moral and financial support as is acceptable to financial constraints of our Company, perceived to be in good taste and for reasons that bring protections to Animals, such as to:

01. Preserve Wild Animal Habitats

02. Protect Endangered Species Worldwide (ie; Bengal Tiger, Grizzly Bear)

03. Support causes that will bring an end to pollution of Land, Air and Water.

002. To refrain from the purchase of any product or product components that has used any Animal in experiments or that has used any Animal ingredients in its manufacture.

003. To refrain from the use of Premarin or other products that have been produced, as a result of inhumane or offensive practices or methods.

01. To establish policy that all Premarin Rx will be substituted except where the prescribing Doctor demands the Rx be filled by Premarin.


001.  The North American Wholesome & Humane Program  and Companies participating within the Wholesome & Humane Program will take into consideration “Voluntary Recommended Codes of Practice for the care and handling of certain species” as at this date and as amended from time to time, developed under the auspices of Agriculture Canada/Agri-Canada and as administered by Canadian Agri-Food Research Council (CARC), governing Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Veal Calves, Poultry from Hatchery to Processing Plant, Pigs, Sheep, Mink, Ranched Fox and Transportation.  It is further understood and agreed that parties will take into consideration the Freedom Food Program Ltd. Welfare Standards.  The proviso is that an analysis will be completed to arrive at those standards acceptable to The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) for inclusion within the Wholesome & Humane Program  representing the most pro-active, progressive and humane standards in North America.  At the outset, to exclude such conditions and standards not meeting acceptable standards, such as but not limited to statements condoning “Factory-Farming” methods.

01. It is further stated that once Wholesome & Humane Program  Standards are published, “any” further acceptable Recommended Codes of Practice remaining, will be deemed “mandatory minimum standards”, such as “Wind Chill Factor” specifications, to be observed by all participating Companies and their “suppliers”.

02. The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) under separate cover will continue to lobby Government with a view toward enacting Wholesome & Humane Program  “conditions, policies and standards”, and remaining acceptable Recommended Codes of Practice as “regulations” and the framework for future legislation.


001. Beef Cattle Standards

01.  To adopt a policy that will call for an end to “dehorning”, being castrated, particularly without anesthetic, with a view toward “immunological castration” being administered between three (3) and six (6) months of age.

02. To adopt a policy that will call for an end of the current conventional means of “hot iron” branding that is stressful and painful to animals, substituting more acceptable and humane means as but not limited to ear tag, identification collar, and given the state of development of technology, a micro-chip (ie. similar as administered to Dogs & Cats), with assessment given to “chemical branding” being pursued by the University of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

03. Refer to Appendix “A” Beef Cattle Standards

002. Dairy Cattle Standards

01. To adopt a policy to combat the use of rbST and rBGH in Dairy Cattle, to increase milk and refrain from the purchase of any milk products or by-products that have used either rbST or rBGH

02. To adopt a policy that will call for longer periods of time to be spent by Cows and their Calves (duration to be resolved)

03. To adopt a policy that will call for an end of “confinement housing” with a schedule to be established to abolish any such current confinement practices, such as tie stalls, free stalls or conditions that result in Cows remaining in stalls, on concrete for their entire or partial lives, without access to pasture.

04. Refer to Appendix “A” Dairy Cattle Standards

003.  Pig Standards

01. To adopt a policy to abolish “Pig Farrowing Crates” (change to pens), cutting of pigs tails, shaving pigs teeth, being castrated, particularly when done without anesthetic.

02. To review actual practices and approaches to Pig Farming systems, as demonstrated by Pig Farmer Delint, Abbotsford, B.C.

03. Refer to Appendix “A” Pig Standards

004. Sheep Standards

01. Refer to Appendix “A” Sheep Standards

005. Laying Hen Standards

01. To adopt a policy that will call for an end to “Battery-Hen” cages

02. To adopt a policy that will result in a reduction and subsequent elimination of killing male chicks at birth; to include abolishment of practices that would see male chicks “thrown into bins to suffocate” or “to be crushed alive”, with establishment initially of a more humane manner of killing; to cease cutting off beaks.

03. Refer to Appendix “A” Laying Hen Standards

006. Broiler Chickens

01. Refer to Appendix “A” Broiler Chicken Standards

007. Turkey Standards

01. Refer to Appendix “A” Turkey Standards

008. Livestock Transportation Standards

01. To adopt a policy to amend the current maximum time allowed (53 hours) for transporting live Animals

02. To adopt a policy calling for precautions to protect animals during extreme weather conditions, specific truck design including compulsory ramps, proper loading and unloading procedures, mandatory straw requirements

03. To call for a policy that no electric goads or sticks may be used except where any other benign handling aid would place the safety of the stock handler at risk, such as an aggressive Bull.

04. Refer Appendix “A” Livestock Transportation Standards

009. Abattoir Standards

01. To liaise with Abattoir Management with a view toward ascertaining “acceptable” practices to be used in an Abattoir for each species of Animal, with a view toward assessing each current type of slaughter to ascertain more humane means.

02. To solicit recommendations as to more acceptable means of slaughter from respected Animal Rights Organizations.

03. To liaise with Abattoir Management to ascertain the current training provided to all “killing floor” personnel, with a view toward amending “Training Programs” to include more acceptable and progressive means, such as Animal Welfare, Sensitivity Training, (recognizing that Animals are sentient beings, have fears, including precautions needed to segregate animals from witnessing their fellow species being killed) etc.,  To consider adopting the Video & Workbook Training Program developed by the Humane Slaughter Association of Gt. Britain.  To have all Training Programs sanctioned by The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) and designated “expert authority”.

04. To liaise with Abattoir Management with a view toward removing the current secrecy that exists, to establish an impromptu “Inspection of facilities”, without notice, by The North American Wholesome & Humane Program , The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW), “Accredited Company” and “designated authority” to verify and confirm adherence to established conditions, policies and standards within the Wholesome & Humane Program .

05. To expect ALL Abattoirs to be inspected to Federal Standards but some consideration and leeway may be expended toward certain “Plant requirements” to be deemed a Federal Standard.

06. No slaughter is to take place without independent Veterinary supervision

07. An independent Veterinarian is to check that adequate stunning is performed for each Animal.

08. Absolutely no “hoisting” will be acceptable on any conscious animal, which will result in such “supplier” being expelled from the program.

09. To perform mandatory weekly maintenance and subsequent correctional repair of all stunning equipment.

10. Electric goads or sticks must not be used except where any other benign handling aid would place the safety of the stock handler at risk, such as an aggressive adult bull.

11. To liaise with Abattoir Management with a view toward appointing a trained Animal Welfare Officer who would establish progressive and humane welfare standards, training programs and monitor accuracy and efficiency of slaughter practices.

12. Refer to Appendix “A” Abattoir Standards

010.  Disclaimer

01. To adopt Company policy and subsequently serve notice upon suppliers that will see all purchases of undesirable product ceased, including but not limited to, all “Factory Farming” raised products, using inhumane practices such as, Veal Crates, Battery-Hen Cages, Pig-Farrowing Pens, PMU Farms, Chicken beak removal, removal of Pigs tails.  Refer to GALLERY OF HORRORS for pictures of Factory Farming.

02. To cease the purchase of product from any supplier found negligent or guilty of causing the suffering of any animal.

03. To exclude Recommended Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Mink, Ranched Fox as not being applicable to program participants, with the proviso that:

1. Company policy will be to discourage the capture, killing and farming of Animals for fur use.

2. Company policy will be to discourage the use of the inhumane leg-hold trap above ground and prohibit use beneath the water, which results in caught animals drowning.

3. Company policy will be to discourage “hunting farms” where wild and other animals are tracked and killed within a small enclosed area.

011.  Implementation Schedule

01.       To adhere to the implementation schedule agreed to for accepting and announcing certain aspects of program components, according to the following deadline dates:

Phase one – January 1, 2008

Phase two –  June 1, 2008

Phase three – January 1, 2009

Phase four – June 1, 2009

– to agree to full program implementation by December 31, 2009.

NOTE:  The Wholesome & Humane Program is a separate entity to the Freedom Food Program Limited of Gt. Britain but nonetheless we seek some of the same achievements, therefore, certain promotional and advertising used by Supermarkets in Gt. Britain, such as TESCO, CO-Op and SAFEWAY UK and others, may lend itself to ideas for incorporation within the Canadian Supermarkets, Retail Food or Drug Stores participating in the Wholesome & Humane Program .

This document supersedes all pre-dated documents covering all aspects of the Wholesome & Humane Program and is therefore deemed to include other documents, including, “Introduction Overview”, “Conditions, Policies, Standards”, “Welfare Standards”, “Transportation Standards”, “Abattoir Standards”, “Administration”, “Agreement Form”, “Fee Schedules” and “Implementation Schedule” effective dates shown and therefore, these aforementioned documents for all intents and purposes shall constitute known facts at this date.


001. To pursue a Company policy that will support an end to cloning and similar experimentation upon animals or humans.

002. To initially call upon Government to enact legislation that:

01. call for a “layman administered” and “public accountability” approach to approving any genetic alterations to any food

02. segregates all genetically altered foods, at source

03. mandatory identification of genetic altering that occurred, by suppliers, to any product, from any source and/or Country, with particular attention focused upon any genetic altering that may be known to be harmful, such as with allergies, toxins and so forth, that such product must be labeled.

04. that easy and expedient recall of any product deemed harmful, at any future date, may be undertaken and future production cease, hence the important need for segregation at source and a controlled and monitored process in place, otherwise genetically altered product can be lost forever.

05. To adopt Company policy that all known genetically altered products, from any source, will be identified to afford Consumers the right of choice, with such identification to take the form of acceptable product labeling, reference document available at point of sale or such other vehicle to afford clear identification that the product has been genetically altered, what was done, why it was done?

06. To adopt Company policy that all Irradiated Foods will be clearly identified to afford Consumers the opportunity of choice.


001. This program identification is placed out of number sequence, merely for convenience.  It is agreed and understood this program is an entirely separate entity, thus its own accreditation standards, fee schedule and other criteria but administered within the auspices of the Wholesome & Humane Program .

002. Refer to Appendix “B” Vegetarian/Vegan Accreditation “Seal of Approval” Program


001. Companies agreeing to participate within the Wholesome & Humane Program  are obliged to post the approved “MEMBER” emblem logo in predominant locations, such as at each entrance to a company outlet, as well, to incorporate within appropriate “point of sale signage” describing products accredited for program use, that Consumers may apprise themselves of such participation.

01. The “logo” is to be produced by the participating Company, using the format provided and to use text indicated, as well, to observe that printing is done using Royal Blue color print, orange border and MEMBER designation.

002. Companies may use any marketing, promotion, advertising means they decide upon providing conditions specified in this document are adhered to but such “point of sale” material, for example, may be prepared using the Wholesome & Humane Program  logo in conjunction with planned advertising or independent, using Company generated slogans.

003. It is recognized that participating Companies engage individuals or firms whom produce marketing and advertising materials.  In this vein, the Wholesome & Humane Program  suggest the use of the following slogans may be useful:

l         Supermarkets and Animal Rights Advocates leading to humane and wholesome foods for Consumers

l         Animal Welfare through Partnership “At no extra cost”

l         Supermarkets caring about what you eat “labeling for informed choices”

l         Product quality and High Animal Welfare Standards

l         We only sell Government Inspected Meat

l         If you buy Wholesome & Humane Program  products, more animals will benefit from improved conditions

l         The Five Freedoms       l         The five obligations


001. To pursue an approach that will call for an end to the flagrant and excessive use of anti-biotics and other drugs in animals to be consumed as food, for the promotion of growth stimulation and/or prevent disease before they occur, with particular attention focused upon those drugs used by humans and thus a major concern toward the unwelcome development of resistant strains of bacteria & disease.

01. To foster the belief that only drugs administered for Veterinary purposes are acceptable.  These measures are deemed necessary to contribute to the elimination of drug-resistant bacteria that is harmful to Consumers, given the realization drug resistance bacteria in Animals can be transferred to Humans.

a). Drugs deemed medically necessary must only be administered by an Independent Veterinarian and any others found to be administering any antibiotics, “illegal” drugs will lose their “supplier” accreditation.

02. To adopt a policy at Retail level, to refrain from the purchase and offering for sale of any product, imported to Canada, that such Exporting Company has used any chemical, pesticide or other such spraying of any product that is banned for use in Canada.

03. To adopt a policy that no product will be sold, in any Retail outlet, that has in any manner been produced, manufactured, harvested or in any other manner using Child labor, under the age of fifteen (15) years of age.

04. To adopt a policy that no product will be purchased, from any source, known to practice the feeding of ruminants to ruminants, including such “experiments” that may be deemed offensive or harmful to Consumers, such as but not limited to the recent “Chicken Manure Protein Pellet” and any other similar future entity.


001. This document is protected by copyright law, with “All Rights Reserved”, including all titles, names, terminology, conditions, policies, standards, forms, agreements, logos, trademarks and any other form of documentation contained within such program and further means “all copyright” whether protected by copyright law or registered, devised or acquired by the North American Wholesome & Humane Program , relating to the scheme, that contained within the North American Wholesome & Humane Program  is vested in the North American Wholesome & Humane Program  and as being the sole property of the North American Wholesome & Humane Program  and as such may not be used, reprinted, reproduced, completely or in part, for any reason, without the express authorization, in writing, from the North American Wholesome & Humane Program .




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