Consumer checklist #1


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As a Consumer of product purchased from your Company I would appreciate hearing your answers to the following concerns:

Do you sell product that is purchased from a supplier that used “Factory Farming” practices or methods in the production of Animals raised for food, as follows;
a).        veal crate use?

b).        cutting off chicken beaks without anesthetics?

c).        pig farrowing crates?

d).        battery hen cages?

e).        eggs from hen laying in nests less than 75 sq. in.?

Do you sell Atlantic “open net” farmed Salmon?
a).        do you sell any diseased fish that if a fry would have been killed but due to larger size the farm sold to a retail company?

Do you know what products are carried by your Company that have been genetically altered, using foreign gene matter?
a).        Why doesn’t your Company label all genetically altered foods that a Consumer may make an informed choice whether to buy or not?

b).        If you know what product has been genetically altered, will you tell me what has been done and why?  If you don’t know, why don’t you?

Do you know what product has been irradiated and if yes, why don’t you label ?
Does your Company sell Premarin? If yes, do you know how it is derived and what happens to foals born?
a).        If your Pharmacy sells Premarin, will you make a decision to recommend to Doctors/Consumers, alternative synthetic product to fill prescriptions?

Does your Company only sell meat that is inspected?
a).        If yes, is all meat inspected to Federal standards?

Do you know if any Pet Foods contain any Dog or Cat remains, offensive content, heavy metals residues, antibiotic residues, poisons or unsafe ingredients
Are you personally aware that your Company has been approached toward participating in the Wholesome & Humane Program?
a)         If no, will you personally inquire of your Company and become aware?

b)         Will you take steps to view the Wholesome & Humane Program segment contained on to become aware of proposed Animal Welfare improvements, view pictures of Factory Farm practices and learn about proposed Bylaws & Legislation?


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Implementation Consumer Checklist No. 1