CAUTION!  Failure to read this documented program plan may be harmful to you and your families health.  Doing nothing to-date has already placed animals raised for food in harms way ¼.

The complete program consists of documents describing policies, procedures, practices, forms, agreement and given the nature of material, the program is flexible in nature and will be amended from time to time, as more humane or practical practices become known.  We have provided recipients of our program with various sections that may, in our opinion, represent their areas of interest.  However, feel free to request additional sections and we shall be pleased to provide.





This section deals with an “Introduction”, “Preamble”, “Description of The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW)”, “Description of Freedom Food Program”, “Overview of the Wholesome & Humane Program parameters/objectives” and a summary in our “Conclusion”.


0000. Administration (001 to 004)

0001. Policy Statement & Standards – Preamble

0002. Advertising, Promotion & Marketing Policies (Wild Animals in ads, sponsoring Rodeos, 001 to 004).

0003. Purchasing, Protection of Animal Policy (Wild Animal Habits, Endangered Species, Conservation, Animals in experiments, Premarin, etc., 001 to 003).

0004. Recommended Codes of Practice (acceptable “Codes”, “mandatory”, 001 only).

0005. Recommended Welfare Standards & Policies (Policies to be considered by participating Companies that will comprise a companies corporate philosophy and augment actual standards, by species). (Appendix “A” further describes actual “Standards” for each Animal Species, Livestock Transport and Abattoirs).  Sub-section numbers, by category are:

001. Beef Cattle Standards (01 to 03); 002. Dairy Cattle Standards (01 to 04); 003. Pig Standards (01 to 03); 004. Sheep Standards (01 only); 005. Laying Hen Standards (01 to 02); 006. Broiler Chickens (01 to 02); 007. Turkey Standards (01 only); 008. Livestock Transport Standards (01 to 04); 009. Abattoir Standards (01 to 12), 010. Disclaimer (01 to 03); 011. Implementation Schedule (01 only)

0006. Biotechnology & Irradiated Food Standards (“segregating all genetically altered products at source”, “labeling precautions”, etc. 01 to 06).

0007. Fish Farming (“open-net” farmed fish not to be sold, 01 only)

0008. Marketing, Promotion, Advertising Conditions (MEMBER logo, “suggested slogans”, 01 to 03).

0009. Drug Use in Animals & Other Products (anti-biotic use in Animals, harmful to Consumers, anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria, etc. 001. 01 to 06)

0010. Vegetarian/Vegan “Seal of Approval” Accreditation Program (001 to 002)

0011. Consumer Checklist No. 1 – to be submitted to “Retail” Company, Restaurant, etc., by Consumer, for response and return to Consumer.  Additional “checklists’ will be developed and included, from time to time.


This section describes in some detail exact “Standards” to be observed, by each “Animal Species”, “Abattoir”, “Livestock Transportation Company”.  It is suggested these more humane and acceptable Standards replace and/or augment existing Recommended Codes of Practice, as applicable.  As well, provide the “framework” for levels of Government to enact legislation/regulations.  Refer to Section Two 0005. for sub-section numbers, by species, from 001. Beef Cattle Standards to 009. Abattoir Standards.


SECTION FIVE – ADMINISTRATION (Understanding & Agreement undertaking, Agreement Conditions Form, Implementation Steps Process – not included on website)

NOTE: Viewers are referred to section GALLERY OF HORRORS for important and revealing examples of atrocities inflicted upon Animal raised for Food, view at  and/or consult our IMPORTANT LINKS section for more informative web.sites, particularly or for more examples of “Factory Farming” methods.



Content Introduction Conditions & Policies Welfare Standards Pet Food Standards

Implementation Consumer Checklist No. 1