The Wholesome & Humane Program  is a Consumer and Animal Rights Advocate organization inspired program.  The program is owned by The North American Wholesome & Humane Program  and in turn, The North American Council of Advocates for Creatures Land Air Water (CLAW), a private owned and operated, non-profit organization is retained to govern the program.  The process to follow in order to become accredited as a participating Company is, as follows:




1.         Companies will be invited to participate in the program and thus provided with documents pertaining to the program and compliance required to be accredited:

a).        Overview & Introduction

b).        Conditions, Policies & Recommended Standards

c).        Standards Appendix “A”

d).        Standards Appendix “B” Vegetarian “Seal of Approval” Program

e).        Fee and Consulting Fee Schedule

f).         Agreement Form

g).        Implementation Process

2.         An “Understanding & Agreement” Form will be provided to “Candidate Companies” whom in turn must return the completed form by specified deadline dates.  The contents of this form will constitute how progress will begin and similarly be the basis for determining applicable fee schedules.  Conditions are specified on fee schedules.

a).        The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) prefer to deal directly with the Company and applicable person to be accountable for implementation and/or administration of the program, for the Company.  The program is intended as a Company self-administered program and thus, early participation is advantageous.

b).        Companies may elect to appoint an “Association” person to represent them, at their discretion and The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) will be pleased to enter into discussion with such person or persons.

3.         Discussions will commence within the Greater Vancouver, B.C. area and at such mutually agreed frequency deemed necessary to accomplish understanding and to provide details for subsequent decision by the applicable Company Executive, to either participate in the program or decline participation.

a).        The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) reserves the right to impose certain “deadline dates” and/or “progress dates” and non-compliance to such specified dates may render further discussion null and void. This prerequisite is deemed necessary to keep the process moving, arrive at a conclusion poste haste and permit abandonment of frivolous inquiry or participation.

b).        Exclusions, by applicable section, may be mutually agreed upon and so noted upon applicable documents.

c).        Implementation dates, per prescribed schedule and in keeping with fee schedule, will be mutually agreed upon.

d).        The date an Agreement Form is signed will correspond to the applicable Accreditation Fee Schedule and be subject to the determination of fee per the Understanding & Agreement Form date.

4.         Companies agreeing to participate in the program should consider formation of a Company Implementation Team to be comprised of applicable department personnel, people conversant with the products and whom may comprise part of the “Company Team” of Advisors/Administrators, such as but not limited to Environmental Issues; Meat Department Merchandising/Buying; Pharmacy; Health & Beauty-Aids/Cosmetics; Produce Department Merchandising/Buying; General Merchandise Buying; Marketing & Advertising, Public Relations and others deemed appropriate.

5.         Upon qualifying for accreditation the Company shall prepare appropriate “Checklists” using applicable and agreed to Conditions, Policies, Standards and various Animal Welfare, Livestock Transportation and Abattoir Standards as a guide, for subsequent discussion with “Suppliers” and to form part of any “Company Standards” of compliance expected of such suppliers in order to qualify for accreditation.

a).        Failure to agree to Wholesome & Humane Program Conditions, Policies & Standards or being in violation of agreed to “conditions” will render a “suppliers” participation null and void.

b).        It is appreciated that the objective and goals of participating in the “program” is to eventually secure “all suppliers” to be in compliance with “standards” but let us hasten to add, similar to the Freedom Food Program, provision is permitted, temporarily at least, to be reviewed by January 1, 2004, for “non-accredited product to be carried alongside accredited supplier products”, such as conventional food products (ie; Battery-Cage Eggs vs Free-Run or Free-Range).  However, if it is deemed inappropriate for a supplier to comply and too many situations exist where “conventional products” continue unabated to outnumber “program accredited” products, where ample supply of program accredited product is available, a decision will be taken to exclude such company/supplier from participation in the program, until such time as compliance is considered feasible and subsequently agreed to.

6.         Promotion and Marketing of the Wholesome & Humane Program may commence upon signing an Agreement Form.  Caution should be exercised to publish participation in the program but do so cognizant as to what “conditions, policies & standards” will be adopted, concepts introduced and where “supplier” accreditation is imminent, so as to not offer false claims to Consumers.

7.         The Wholesome & Humane Program is a Company self-administered program but continued accreditation and participation is subject to program parameters established and accordingly are subject to review and assessment of compliance and satisfactory resolution of any Customer complaints.



Content Introduction Conditions & Policies Welfare Standards Pet Food Standards

Implementation Consumer Checklist No. 1