The North American Council of Advocates for Creatures Land Air Water (CLAW) is a private owned, self-funded, operated, apolitical and non-profit group.  Commonly known as The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW), we were formed by George & Claudia Evens during 1995.

Known and respected as being altruistic, pro-active and progressive; possessing persistence, integrity, herculean energy, compassion & dedication; possibly rivaled but never surpassed in sincerity or commitment.

We retain the distinction as a private owned group which permits us to facilitate prompt, flexible and efficient responsiveness to issues; to not be seen as drawing upon desperately needed funds needed by hands-on rescue organizations; while being a non-profit group we are not a registered tax deductible charity.

The Council Animal Advocacy (CLAW) is a leading edge, pro-active group of “individuals”.  We accept and solicit positions on a wide ranging number of topics or “causes”, we assess the merits and then formulate into various forms of submissions and proposals to applicable levels of government.  The process is a centralized function but may include additional input from specialists.  The “core executive group” consists of “owners” due to self-financing role, but may include specific Directors or Regional Directors pertaining to a “specific issue”, as such volunteers accept accountability and operating costs, for the “specific issue or cause” they agree to be responsible and accountable for, under the auspices of The Council Animal Advocacy umbrella.